Data Science & Artificial Intelligence Program

The Data Science & Artificial Intelligence (AI) Program is designed for IT and non-IT professionals who are interested in transitioning their careers into data science, analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence. The program includes practical training, industry award and job placement support to help professionals secure a job as a Data Analyst or Data Scientist.

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The Data Science & AI Program can be taken in either 24 weeks part time or 12 weeks full time and is designed for career-driven professionals to transition into the big data and AI industry. The program includes pre-work, intensive practical training, industry award and a job outcomes program in collaboration with industry partners. The course content has been tailored to give you the skills that are demanded by businesses in today’s rapidly evolving job market.

Hybrid learning is available for this program. This interactive format enabled by video conferencing technology, is a rich and connected experience featuring virtual break-out rooms, shared screens, digital whiteboards, peer to peer collaboration and instructor support.


The opportunity is massive in Singapore and around the world.

Globally, 149 million new digital technology jobs are predicted to be created by 2025. 

Singapore is expected to catch up to the US tech market in the next 3 years with the Singapore data scientist salary average surging, and expected to be around SGD 170,000 for those with 5-10 years of experience. 




The Institute of Data

Welcome to the Data Science and AI Program, delivered by the Institute of Data (IOD) and supported by SkillsFuture and the IMDA. 

Learn how to create predictive models by learning to wrangle, analyse, visualise, predict and find insight into data alongside the best data science trainers in Singapore.

The Data Science & AI Program is a structured training course designed to help you develop the practical skills you will need as a Data Scientist or Data Analyst. After completing your Data Science & AI Program, you will receive a Data Science & AI Certificate of Completion from the Institute of Data.

Hundreds of professionals choose the Institute of Data every year to prepare them for their future career after careful consideration of their desired career progression and to attain maximum return on investment for their education. Leading the future of the profession, the Institute of Data offers a collaborative and successful program, driven to ensure you have the best start to your career.

What is Practical Data Science Training?

Practical data science training is an essential requirement to practice as a Data Scientist or Data Analyst in Singapore. Learn from industry experts on how to apply machine learning and AI techniques for businesses and government organisations including business consulting and simulating commercial projects. This means you will be ready to work as a Data Scientist or Data Analyst.

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Industry training is provided by the Institute of Data, who transform careers and companies for a data-driven world. We focus on accelerated workforce training for the industries of the future, namely cyber security, big data, artificial intelligence and the digital economy. We train professionals to build careers in these industries through our professional education programs and industry networks.

Data Science & Artificial Intelligence (AI) Program

The next program starts

22nd July 2024 (Full-time)

23rd July 2024 (Part-time)

With the practical training program you will...


Be ready to practice data science

The program is designed to prepare students for real commercial work in the area of data science, AI and big data. It is focused on practical in-class training, labs and real-life projects.


Receive the best training and the latest curriculum

The program trainers are actively working in the industry and will teach you how to practice data science and advanced analytics. The curriculum is developed by the Institute of Data Academic Committee with decades of experience working in the Data Science Industry.


Be more attractive to employers

The program results in a Institute of Data, Data Science & AI Certificate of Completion which signals to employers that you are ready to join the industry. Your resume and profile will be reviewed by our Job Outcomes team to give you the best possible chance of success.


Get more support and guidance

The member network offers support and guidance from mentors and direct connections to the industry. You will connect with employers at both exclusive and public events held for alumni.

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Students complete curated pre-work as an interactive online learning experience designed to prepare every student with the required skills and knowledge to complete all coursework and training.


Hybrid Training

Students undertake a professional hybrid (in-person and remote) course from a team of expert industry trainers from leading consultancies and enterprises to acquire the most sought-after practical training in the country. 


Job outcomes

You will undergo a Job Outcomes Program which will help position you for the best chance of a new job opportunity and/or internal promotion. Land a job in one of the most sought after fields in tech with the guidance of professional career coaches and access to our hiring network.

CPE registration number: 201908157C
Period of registration of PEI: 07 May 2022 - 06 May 2024